The World After
New Era 50 A.R se (Spring Equinox)

Translated roughly from all known languages, “The World After” is a place that has survived the Rupture.
The Rupture was an event in which the very fabric of all existence converged into one, completely changing the known world. 50 years later, little is known and everything is waiting to be discovered
There are many theories about what caused the Rupture, but the fact remains: the world is a different place. Other planes have overrun continents, magic itself has transformed.

There is a new resource: Augment Crystals. Those with magical aptitude have learned to store spells in these crystals, and many crystals now adorn the jewelry of the wealthy.

The spirits of the ancient forests have reawakened. The fey sit at the head of a growing kingdom and the elves, the dwarves, and the gnomes are beginning to show their real potential.

There is much to be discovered and many questions that still need answering.

"The World After"